With Smart television the ability to view content transmission in total comfort . Just using the remote You can select a movie or TV series from the available platforms. But with a Smart TV you can also do more things like watch TV IPTV thanks to some functions / applications . However, it is necessary to do clarity on operation of IPTV and understand in detail the procedure of: installation .

Good to know that Smart TVs use different operating systems depending on your manufacturer :

  • Android TV (Sony/Philips/Sharp)
  • Tizen (Samsung)
  • WebOS (LG)

So depending on the operating system you have to follow a procedure specifically the installation for an IPTV M3U Playlists.

Video on the Internet - DLNA

The first method of installing IPTV listings on a Smart TV uses technology DLNA compatible with almost all of Smart TVs. Thanks to DLNA, it can share data using a home network. In this way it is possible to transfer eg multimedia content from your mobile phone to your Smart TV, or Print documents that indicate the order of the mobile phone. For IPTV listings, to take advantage of DLNA technology, you need an application that allows you to send content directly to your Smart TV. The application we recommend that you use is: Video on the Internet available for Android for free and iOS .

  • Start the app on your mobile phone
  • Turn on TV
  • Make sure your mobile phone and your Smart TV are connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Click on the foundry (in the top right corner, next to the three dots icon)
  • Select the item in the screen that opens Google Cast e DLNA then click Done
  • place the Smart TV to pair
  • Wait for the confirmation message on the mobile phone of the successful pairing

At this point you just need to add the IPTV list.

  • In the application, press the icon that looks like a three lines top left corner
  • Continue IPTV
  • On the screen, tap the + icon in the top right corner
  • Now you enter the (or file) of the IPTV list
  • Tap Save

After these steps you should be able to play the different channels on your TV. 

Install IPTV List on Android TV

If you have a Smart TV that integrates the operating system Android TV you can resort to using Kodi , a media center capable of reproducing a lot of content . The application is available Free and Google Play Store .

  • Start Kodi
  • Tap on TV then Enter the add-on search
  • Select Simple PVR IPTV Client and click Install
  • After installation, click Simple PVR IPTV Client again
  • Configure Continue
  • In the General tab you have to choose whether you want to use a position remote (in case of an address) or local (in case of an m3u file)
  • Depending on the selected location, you need to enter the address from the IPTV list (in the URL section of the M3U playlist) or the corresponding archive (in the path section of the M3U playlist)
  • Tap OK
  • Tap Activate.

After the installation is complete, you can: transfer your channels on the Smart TV to favorites channels by going to the TV section .

Install IPTV List on Samsung/LG Smart TVs

To install IPTV list on Samsung Smart TV, you need a strategy due to some limitations, which guarantees an excellent result in a few simple steps. The first thing to do is change system country to Smart TV (with one that has the same time zone).

  • Open the menu of your television
  • Visit support
  • Tap Auto Diagnostics
  • Open the Smart Hub
  • Press the MUTE , VOL + , CH + , MUTE key sequence (one after the other)
  • choose a country with the same time zone

After you have completed this simple procedure, you need to: install the application that will allow you to add the IPTV list:

  • Go to shop
  • Install the Smart IPTV app (free for 7 days, then at a cost of 5.50 euros)
  • Open application
  • Look your ... After Mac address
  • Go to Webpage by Smart IPTV
  • I went into the previously saved Mac address
  • enter the URL from the IPTV list (or the m3u file )
  • View the article Save online
  • choose Italy
  • Save the procedure by clicking Submit

In a few moments you will have your own IPTV list on your Smart TV and you can then view all the content you want.

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