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How to configure Smart IPTV on any TV to watch m3u lists? Step by step guide
When we talk about the digital world we can imagine so many things, but still there is always a step ahead of our imagination thanks to its constant evolution and improvements that allow all people to facilitate their way of life or human quality. Among those issues of the digital world, we must mention the different methods that are being developed to watch high quality television.

TV has been the most popular form of entertainment since time immemorial. However, with the arrival of the internet everything changed and has been slightly displaced by platforms such as YouTube or Netflix that offer on-demand entertainment with very little publicity and at the moment the user wants it. That is why the television industry has got to work to improve using the well-known Smart IPTV .
We will not advance you anymore, if you are interested we invite you to continue reading, because here you will not only learn to install and configure your Smart IPTV , but we will also teach you to load the list of channels you want so you can spend hours after hours Watching a good show.

 What is IPTV and what is it for?

First let's define the acronym IPTV, it means Internet Protocol Television . When we talk about television, we think of a number of cables or a satellite antenna , but this is the most sought at the moment, since IPTV tries to watch television as if it were the Internet.
IPTV was developed based on video streaming technology . With this mode of television you will not need to download content because with it you can enjoy all the channels you want in real time and at the time you want.
If you wonder how it works, you can say that it allows payment to develop for what you see. All because the content will be there when the client requests it, so you can only be charged for what you requested. It is a totally different way to how television was usually seen .

With IPTV you will only see the programs that you want to watch , unlike when you watch television in another place you have to watch programs that you do not like or just wait for it to be the time of your favorite program. For the operation of IPTV it is necessary to have a broadband connection and other areas that are mutually related.
These areas would be :
  • Video signals and their servers.
  • The distribution of the contents.
  • The software.
  • Subscription and access equipment.

 Steps to configure and activate the Smart IPTV application

You can find the application available for LG, Samsung, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and MAG STB . If you want to know more information visit their  official website . Before you start you have to know that it only gives you a 7-day trial period and then you will have to activate it from your payment by paying a subscription.
However, to perform the installation and configuration you must do the following:

 Download APK Smart IPTV for Android

 Download APK Smart IPTV for Samsung

 Download APK Smart IPTV for LG

  • First install the application "SMART IPTV" on the TV (depending on the brand of the TV, Samsung, LG etc you will have different ways to enter its Apps portal), you can see the 100% secure download links above.
  • Then you will have to enter its configuration to see the Mac address , you will need to write it down or take a picture of it for the next step.
See MAC Address
  • Go to the page with the following address http://siptv.eu/mylist once you are inside, locate the option «Playlist upload to Smart IPTV».
  • You will see that there is a field that says Mac , there you will paste the Mac numbering that you copied in the previous step.
  • In the URL field you will paste the url of the lists that we leave below.
  • To end this step, click on the "Send" button .
  • Add Link
    • Almost there. To be able to watch TV you will have to restart the Smart IPTV application , and you will have to wait for it to fully load the list of all channels.
    • IPTV channel list
      • After 7 days you will have to activate it . To activate it you will access the page mentioned above (official page), and then you will enter the Mac and choose the payment method. Yes, we are sorry to pay after the trial period but it is really worth it.
      * Tip: One tip that you can use to continue watching free TV is that every 7 days you uninstall the app, but do not activate the application and you will have another 7 days of free trial.

       Where to download updated and 100% free IPTV lists?

      To know where to download IPTV lists you just have to search. The search has to be in google to be able to find them. With these lists of IPTV you can see contents of Formula 1 in HD, Football and other programming .
      You can watch many channels totally free of any topic or scope, this list should always be kept up to date, since if it is not aware of this you can be left with a completely obsolete channel in just days or weeks.
      Next we will leave you some urls addresses with the lists of IPTV channels:
      • Freeiptv.life Playlists | Sepember2019
      • Freeiptv.life IPTV Playlist Download
      • http://bit.ly/_documentales
      • http://bit.ly/USA-_TV
      • http://bit.ly/_ANIME
      • http://bit.ly/_DEPORTES
      • http://bit.ly/la_mejor
      • http://bit.ly/_Latinotv
      • http://bit.ly/variada_tv2
      • http://bit.ly/_TVVARIADA
      • http://bit.ly/_TVMEX
      • http://bit.ly/Argentina_tv
      • http://bit.ly/_peliculas
      • http://bit.ly/_latinovariado

       How to add M3U lists and channels to your Smart IPTV?

      We will show you step by step how to add M3U channels to your Smart IPTV. Before starting, you must remember the Mac you previously obtained.
      • First you must enter the website of the page by the following address: http://siptv.eu/mylist/
      • After you have downloaded all the lists of m3u channels you must upload them on the Mac of your Smart TV.
      • For that you will have to enter the URL that was shown in previous steps.
      M3u channels
      • You will have to place your Mac on your Smart TV, select the IPTV Spain list downloaded on your Android device or computer.
      • Then in the box I am not a Robot , you will have to check it in order to continue.
      • Then you will upload the list and restart the TV IPTV application . You already have a number of channels available to enjoy and for free!
      • m3u channel list
        * Note: You can also add IPTV lists by URL , follow the steps below in a very simple way:
        • You put the Mac of your Smart TV, then the URLs of the IPTV list and add the link.
        • Finally you restart your Smart IPTV , with this you should enjoy all the channels to watch on television.
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